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Many popular sunscreens are packed full of toxic ingredients. Traditional brands use chemicals that absorb the sun. This non-nano zinc oxide formula reflects the harmful rays keeping you and your family safe and healthy. I use a Non-Nano Zinc oxide that gives a UVA/UVB protection. It is so important to use a zinc that is non-nano because nanoparticles are smaller than your pores and the zinc will get into your bloodstream. A sunscreen shouldn’t be absorbed into your bloodstream, as this can pull other harmful ingredients from the sunscreen along with it. Our sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, and should be reapplied if engaging in water activity. Blended with Shea butter and aloe butter to help smooth into skin, without leaving a white residue. This sunscreen smells clean and natural. This non-nano zinc oxide is baby safe, toddler safe, kid safe and great for adults .Handmade Item Vegan Gluten Free No artificial ingredients or colors Packets contain 1.7oz each

Natural Sun Protection with aloe 2oz

SKU: 99
  • Coconut oil, Shea butter, aloe butter, Grapeseed oil, non-nano zinc oxide, candelilla wax, vitamin e, elderberry.

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