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A simple, yet effective mask designed with nutrient rich clays and ingredients. Our Sea Clay is naturally rich in minerals, and it helps to absorb impurities. Glacial clay is one of the rarest and purest clays in the world, that has recently been discovered in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Glacial Clay possesses a very fine particle size that makes it remarkably effective at absorbing dirt and other impurities, while providing gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.  Glacial Clay rejuvenates dull skin, improves its appearance, helps to balance skin tone and leaves the skin feeling softer yet firmer. With Aloe Vera leaf powder that helps soothe damaged and irritated skin while nourishing the skin with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols. 


Add pure aloe vera juice to add in with your mask! 

Glacial Sea Clay Mask

  • Glacial Clay, Sea Clay, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder. 

  • Mix contents with distilled water or purchase our pure aloe vera juice. Mix until smooth. Put a thin layer on skin. Let sit for 10minutes. Rinse with luke warm water. 

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