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Reveal smoother, brighter and more even-looking skin. Our gentle, and effective facial scrub with natural demerara sugar and a dash of dutch poppy seeds, helps to remove excess oil, dry skin and debris, withoug stripping skin. Packed with skin soothing honey, aloe and oatmeal to soften and smooth skin. Witch Hazel helps to balance acne, and reduce breakouts. Grab yours and get ready to enjoy your glow. 

Dutch Poppy Seed Facial Scrub

SKU: 111
  • Aloe juice, Saponofied coconut oil, Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Honey, Oatmeal powder, Demerara sugar, Fermented raddish root, Aloe oil, dutch poppy seed, caprylyl glycol, Rosemary oil, Elderberry oil, Tea tree oil, Vitamin E.

  • Apply to cleansed face. This helps to cleanse skin as well, but as a second wash. Scoop a small amount into hands, and massage in circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Use 2-4x a week.

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