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Booty Queen


An oil so good, you'll want to bare it all.


A smooth serum dedicated to the booty. Frankincense and Myrrh can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, and it even helps lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging.  Grapefruit and cranberry help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An oil that caresses and nourishes your curves. 


Gluten free


Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E, Lavender oil, Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Geranium oil, Grapefruit oil, Cranberry oil, Vitamin E, plant-based preservative.


Apply to booty and thighs as needed.


Booty Queen

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